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18k Gold Scarab & Cartouche Link Bracelet

18k Gold Scarab & Cartouche Link Bracelet
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Product Description

In Ancient Egypt, the Scarab beetle was the symbol of the Sun God Re and of resurrection and eternal life. The Scarab amulets were very popular and carried good luck inscriptions. The pharaohs used them as symbols of new life and good luck.

The Egyptian Cartouche (pronounced "kar-toosh") pendant has a long lasting legend that dates back over 5000 years ago…. It was believed by the Pharaohs that the design of the Cartouche would protect them from evil spirits .

This Gold Scarab & Cartouche Link Bracelet is made of 18k solid gold. It's hand-made in Egypt and shipped directly to you.

The cartouche has King Tut symbols but it can can also be personalized with your initial or and transited into hieroglyphics (up to 3 letters).

Scarab size: 1/2" L

Cartouche size: 1/2"L

Approx weight: 10 - 12 Grams