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Anubis Coffin With Mummy

Anubis Coffin With Mummy
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Anubis, the jackal god, was the protector of the dead and custodian of "secret things" to the ancient Egyptians. Anubis, the "black god", was the first to embalm Osiris and presided over the embalmment ritual. He is named after jackals, wild dogs that roamed around the dead and were well known for feeding on cadavers and separating the flesh and organs from the bones, one aspect of embalmment. Also, jackals could be heard howling in the desert west of the Nile at sunset - at the time when burials usually took place. After the funeral, Anubis would take the dead by the hand and introduce him to the the sovereign judges where the soul of the deceased would be weighed.

This Anubis Coffin With Mummy is hand painted, made of cold cast resin

Size: L: 5" x W: 1.75" x H: 1.75"

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