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Egyptian Canopic Jars (Set of 4)

Egyptian Canopic Jars (Set of 4)
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Ancient Egyptians used Canopic Jars as containers for holding the internal organs that were removed from the body before mummification and embalmed seperately. The stoppers of the jars were each shaped like the head of one of the minor funerary deities known as the 'Four Sons of Horus'. It was the job of these four deities to protect the internal organs of the deceased; the Ancient Egyptians firmly believed that the deceased required his or her organs in order to be reborn in the Afterlife.

From left to right, the human-headed "Imsety" was the guardian of the liver. The baboon-headed "Hapy" guarded the lungs, Jackal-headed "Duamutef" guarded the stomach and upper intestines. The falcon-headed "Kebehsenuef" guarded the lower intestines

Size: 3 3/4" H

Our Egyptian Canopic Jars are hand painted and made of Cast Resin